Welcome to Skywall Machinery

Shengzhou Skywall Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier for various of building products for concrete industry including plastic rebar spacers, plastic rebar caps, plastic shims & packers, chamfers & fillets, metal lifting anchors, sockets and other related concrete accessories in China.

Plastic Rebar Spacer

Domes on bottom for minimal surface contact.

Deep rebar openning for minimised rebar movement fit max rebar 30mm.

They are designed for using in suspended slabs, panels, decks, beams and tilt-up applications.

Heavy Duty 3/4" to 17 3/4" Plastic Rebar High Chairs for Rebar #3 to #10

Rebar Chair is an all purpose individual high chair ideal for use on wood, steel, and concrete. It is also well suited for TILT-UP applications. They have been tested and approved for Department of Transportation(D.O.T) use.

Plastic Rebar Clip Chair

Fast clip-on designed top for all types of applications.

A sturdy general purpose spacer. used on horizontal or vertical rebars.

Round Base Rebar Chair

They are designed for using on soft ground, insulation, waterproof film or in ground floor slabs. Easy snap-in top, ensures correct placement. Large base for minimize penetration through waterproof film. Meet CRSI requirements. Plastic Rebar Base Chairs Head allows for 1 spacer to be used for 2 different heights.

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