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The working principle of metal stamping

     Stamping is a method of forming workpieces in which punches and dies apply external forces to raw materials such as plates, strips, and tubes to plastically deform or separate to obtain the desired shape and size. Stamping parts are widely used and are easy to find in life. What is the processing principle of stamping parts, it is necessary for stamping factories to understand. Next, let's Skywall give you an introduction.


    Stamping dies are equipment used to pressure process materials. Its working principle is usually under the action of the mold, through the opening and closing of the upper and lower molds, punching, punching and stretching the raw materials between the upper and lower molds to form stamping parts.

According to the working principle of the press, it can be divided into mechanical press and hydraulic press.

The mechanical press completes the stamping process by driving the movement of the slider by the motor, while the hydraulic press drives the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate through the hydraulic principle to complete the stamping process.

Mechanical presses have high reciprocation speed, high speed and high efficiency, but the force generated is very small. It is often used in small punching equipment or punching and shearing processes. Hydraulic presses can generate large forces but are relatively slow. Typically used for drawing and forming production, but also for punching and shearing of large parts.




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